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17.5 Metre Dome

The first structure we ever built was a 17.5 metre dome and it has never failed to provide the perfect venue for smaller events.

Audience capacity – Variable with use and set-up: for dance 2 people per usable square metre 250 to 300 – for theatre 100 to 150. Doorway positions are flexible with up to 10 triangular openings or up to five openings of max width 6.4 metres. The cover design extends to the ground with 5 removable arched panels, each 6.4 metres wide
A circular, modular plywood floor is available. Ramps are fitted at entrances. Tunnels can be constructed linking this structure to others. Anchorage – on soft ground via steel pins, on hard standing via water ballast

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Area of footprint
Standing Area
Height At Centre
Door Height
Set up time
Loading Capacity

17.5 Metres

17.5 Metres
240 square metres
179 square metres
4.9 metre
2.4 metres
4.5 hours with a crew of 4
Scaffold tower and ladders
65 kilos per node