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7 Metre Lightweight Dome

Really light on its feet, this structure has a frame of fibre rods with nylon connectors. Not designed to be load bearing, it is ideal for backstage facilities, workshops and small exhibitions. Smaller versions of this structure can be produced to order.

Occupancy will vary dependent upon use, for small exhibitions, promotions etc, up to around 20. Doorways – up to 5 triangular openings. A circular, modular plywood floor is available. Ramps are fitted at entrances. Tunnels can be constructed linking this structure to others. Anchorage – on soft ground via steel pins on hard standing via any available weights

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Area of footprint
Standing Area
Height At Centre
Door Height
Set up time
Loading Capacity

7 Metre Lightweight Metres

7 Metre Lightweight Metres
38.5 sq metres
38.5 sq metres
3.5 metre
1.8 metres
1.5 hours with a crew of 2
A frame ladder