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Bespoke Design and Manufacturing

The Dome Company draws upon a wide ranging experience in many aspects of design and have highly developed skills in the use of a surprising diversity of materials. Our core product is the design, manufacture and hire of laminated timber, curved arc, geodesic domes but we also remain committed to the exploration of new ideas and the development of both new and existing skills.

In house skills and workshop facilities include: large scale sewn fabric construction, timber engineering and lamination, steel fabrication, glass reinforced epoxy construction, modelling in polystyrene and urathane. These areas of skill are further extended by specialist subcontractors supplying services in fabric welding, engineering production, artwork and metal finishing.

We have an innovative design facility, capable of generating completely new structures from scratch. We are also available to solve the day to day problems in event and presentation design.

All of this combined with analysis provided by independant structural engineering consultants enables us to offer our clients an unusual service for the complete production of bespoke structures and construcions.