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Dome Hire

“Our geodesic domes for hire are perfect structures for entertainment venues, corporate presentations and private parties.

They are designed with the philosophy that the quality of a venue is an important part of the event contained within it.

Structures are wooden framed and clearspan, providing the portability of a traditional tent with the evenly distributed load bearing capacity of a building. Dome frames are composed of an interweave of laminated timber arches connected by steel nodes and supporting a tensioned fabric cover.

Our laminated wood beam and steel Structures are currently available from 7m to 25 metre diameters. Coloured and art worked covers can be produced to order. The domes can be erected on any reasonably flat surface. The framed construction also makes them suitable for siting on concrete, tarmac, paving or any surface where staking is not an option. Access points are flexible and all structures have at least five equally spaced doorways. On the 20 metre structure the wallings can be removed entirely, creating an open canopy.”

“We operate 12 months of the year, for short or long term siting. Quotes are given on a project by project basis and are always inclusive of transport and crewing.”